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We sell cards and photos online (see details below).

If you come to this area, find us at the Najac market (Sunday mornings in the summer) or come and see us Rue du Château at Najac (telephone ( or email in advance to be sure of finding us - we are often out in the garrigue)

We sell our photos in three sizes:

A3+ (48 x 34cm) - 40 euros

A4 (29.7 x 21cm) - 20 euros

A5 (21 x 15cm) - 5 euros

And make cards in upright single-fold form

Card sizes:

A4 folding to A5 - 5 euros each

A5 folding to A6 - 3 euros each

All cards are sold with envelopes and there is a free card for every five bought.

We charge postage and packing at cost, but no postage or packing to France on orders of 60 cards or more.

Typical Postage and Packing Charges:


<12 A6 cards

13 - 24 A6 cards

France - €2.20

UK - €4.20

Other EU - €4.20

France - €3.10

UK - €6.40

Other EU -€6.40


We accept Paypal.


So, if you want our packet of six popular orchids or butterflies, or a mixture, in A6 cards, that would come to €15 + €4.20 = €19.20 including postage to the UK.  24 cards would be €66.40 including postage to the UK.  You can pay directly to our email address, using Paypal.

If you would like more information, don't hesitate email us


Najac Tribune: News of Najac and the area.

Matt Rowlings' Butterfly site - a wonderful site, and Matt has helped me with the identification of some of the butterflies.